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Catapult NIL can assist you in determining the fair market value of your brand and assist you to monetize your image. We do these using data analytics, not only for yourself, but for the resources an individual University can bring to the table. Obviously, Austin is a much more valuable market than College Station, but it is more than that. Dallas-Ft. Worth is a much bigger market than Austin, but the sports dollar is split among the myriad of pro teams. SMU and TCU are distant seconds to the Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers and Stars. With our partners, we can analyze your base value, but also grow it on your behalf.

Our Mission​

Catapult Longhorns was established as an adjunct to Catapult NIL, Inc. to monetize the Name, and Likeness for University of Texas student-athletes and to propel business relationships across Austin, the State of Texas, and USA during an athlete’s college days, and Life After Ball. This will be accomplished through data analytics to establish value and by introducing the athletes to business partners that are reputable and are interested in Catapulting both the athletes and the University of Texas into national prominence in their respective endeavors. Content, appearances, and mutually beneficial services are the vehicle.

Catapult NIL, Inc. is an IRS approved 501 c 3 Corporation to provide services to amateur athletes. Contributions will be Tax Deductible.

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Life After Ball

Catapult exists to create championship level relationships between businesses, fans, and student-athletes in a compliant and productive way, during college and Life After Ball. In addition to monetization of Name, Likeness, and Image – Catapult will provide a variety of information and assistance for life skills, academics, and career opportunities to Longhorn athletes.


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What is Catapult NIL? How does it work? How are we assuring that funding is compliant? We answer your questions below. Have a question you don’t see answered? Reach out to us: Ready to give? Go here.

No, we are not an extension of either, nor do we have an affiliation with UT. The University is prohibited by state law from creating or facilitating NIL deals for its student-athletes.

Catapult NIL, Inc. is a 501 c 3 and has multiple shareholders. 

There are not many limitations on NIL deals, aside from certain contractual obligations and disclosures that must happen along the way. Again, members will not need to worry about those aspects. Student-athletes, per state and university policy, cannot highlight “vice” categories (gambling, drugs, alcohol), and any usage of university trademarks/logos must be cleared beforehand. Catapult NIL will ensure compliance in these departments.

There are no financial restrictions, and the main limitation is that there must be an “exchange” between the student-athlete and a person or business. Catapult NIL creates that exchange in the form of sponsored content, events, and the like.

A significant portion of NIL deals will be conducted on the media front in the form of sponsored content – stories, video interviews, multimedia events, etc.

These content items will be posted/hosted/broadcast on our media partner and its social channels.

Discretion will be used based on funding availability, student-athlete demand, and other factors as to what type of deals are arranged.

In-person and virtual meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, student-athlete text messages members-only text messages, and more are available for Burnt Orange members.

Catapult NIL’s goal is to establish an advisory board of former Texas student-athletes who have excelled as professionals to regularly review operations and bring new ideas to the table.

Some Catapult NIL-funded content – such as sponsored interviews– will be published by our exclusive media partner. As a supporter, you’ll know that you’re responsible for helping make these opportunities possible for student-athletes and that your efforts are also continuing to spread the word about Catapult NIL.

Certain events and initiatives will be absolutely exclusive to Catapult NIL supporters. Apparel raffles, text messages and newsletters from current student-athletes, plus virtual and in-person events will all be exclusive offerings.

As a Catapult NIL supporter, you will also be added to our email and text list, which we will use to send you exclusive content and keep you updated on what’s coming next!

We are always open to content creation ideas; drop us a line at

We currently accept credit cards and checks. If you would like to send a check, please email us at: and we will be happy to assist.

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 October 8, 2022 |  Cotton Bowl, Dallas


    Support Your Favorite Athletes

    Catapult is a platform to match businesses and individuals with athletes to allow them to capitalize on their Name, Image and Likeness. We can facilitate introductions, contract negotiations and payments. Our platform will handle all compliance issues and make sure that everything goes smoothly for all involved We also have an App in development that will be a game changer for athlete/donor/fan interactions.
    Stay tuned.


    We're Serving More. Because of you!

    Catapult Longhorns has engaged industry leading partners to assist our efforts to provide services to athletes, fans, donors, and businesses. They are best in class. Our team will assist in every silo, from data analytics, compliance, contractual arrangements, sports information, financial processing, and social media management. Many thanks to the following partners.


    We are building a database of donors/fans and athletes. Please send us your information and indicate if you are a fan/donor or athete.